Monday, April 19, 2010



About 2 weeks ago we had an offer on the house and after going back and forth came to an agreement. For whatever reason I haven't wanted to relax yet about it until inspection was all done and we knew we were good to go. Inspection was finished this weekend and there are some very minimal fixes but otherwise should be good to go. I'll spare all the details but the buyer is a single lady and she has been CRAZY in her requests - she is wanting every guarantee that nothing is ever going to go wrong - it's almost gotten to the point that I want to talk to her and say "Are you really ready to own a home? You need to be realistic lady!" I want to sell the house so I guess I'll let her figure it out!

So, time line goes as follows:

Baby Due: June 5th
Current house close: June 11th
New house close: somewhere between June 1-11th

Should be interesting..............thank goodness my parents are planning on coming to help and stay for hopefully a week and can help with all the transitions. I've already warned Micah he could be having to deal with a very exhausted and emotional crazy wife for a few weeks in June! It will all work out I keep telling myself!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

March Madness

March was a very crazy month in the Beachy household. Basically consisted of a lot house showings, more appointments and decisions for the new house than I can count, kindergarten meeting and round-up, soccer started for both kids, trip to Kansas for Kayla's 5th birthday and to see Micah's brother/wife/kids from WA and followed with a trip to Mexico with college friends. My pics are limited - call it prego brain I don't know but I didn't do very well with getting pics taken.

Kayla picked TinkerBell theme and was probably only time in her life that all (except for Aunt Cherise) her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins were there to celebrate with her.

Our dear college friends! Christopher and Mandy have a time share and generously shared it with us and Ryan and Sherri-Lynn. It was an incredible week and everyone was kind to the 30 week prego girl! Guys went golfing one day, rest of the group went ziplining another day while I got an unbelievable prenatal massage and then spent the day on the beach/pool reading. Other than that we just enjoyed being together basking in the sun, pool, beach and lots of laughing and great talks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Changes and Stress

Well, it has only been about a month since my last post - about right for me! We have had so much going on - I think this is the most stressed I have been in a long time. In the past 3 weeks we decided to put our house up for sale 2 weeks earlier then planned and bought a new house in the process which we weren't planning on.

Extended version:

We have been planning to list our house for sale in March but due to the tax credit option for buyers we decided to bump up our time frame so officially this week our house is on the market. Needless to say that meant a lot of quick work for us and unfortunately a very busy month for Micah so made it more difficult but we got it done and now we wait and pray for that perfect buyer! We were planning on starting to look March/April for house but we've been looking online now and then just to see what's out there. One day I'm came across a house that I loved and so one Saturday morning packed the kids up while Micah was working and went for a drive to check it out and found out it was just starting to be framed. We never ever considered building so discounted it and then happened to talk to our Realtor and this house came up and so she said let me ask when they plan on having it done and from there within 2 weeks we looked at the model, met with builder and bought the house......craziness. So, we are excited, nervous, stressed and all sorts of emotions. Our planned closed date is May 28th pending our house has sold. I'm due June 5th so will be interesting how this all works out. Micah's paternity leave for a week could become a moving week.

Anyway, that's our news and craziness going on right now. I know so many of you have sold homes but holy cow I never realized all the work to get it ready and to keep in "show" condition especially with little cherubs not understanding "show" condition. I just keep praying for patience throughout this process and that I don't become a mean mommy and try to relax and let them live in their house! Please spring come and melt away the inches and inches of snow so we can play outside!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Randomness

Once again, how long has it been since I've posted? My blogger friends have given up on me I think! :) It's saturday morning, Micah's at work and kids playing nice together - having a "party"in Ethan's room so I'm catching up on some computer stuff. I'm 20 weeks today, can't believe half way there. I've been feeling the baby moving around for weeks now - I keep telling myself it's because it's the 3rd that I feel it so much and not that this baby is so busy because I feel it constantly. I had 8 week ultrasound and Doctor kept saying he couldn't believe how busy the baby was at such young stage - I'm trying to ignore that! Ultrasound again this week and we decided to not find out again. Micah of course is adamant about not knowing, I go back and forth. Potty training with Ethan has been in full swing. It's been so much harder with him than Kayla but we're plugging along - some good days some bad. Highlighted pics of the last month.

One of Kayla's favorite gifts was Easy Bake oven from my mom - she loves to bake and always wants to help me in the kitchen.

This was Micah's doing - they didn't have Ethan's size so it's huge but lots of growing room. Micah was having him practice stances, drills, etc. We all decided his constant injuries is prepping him for football. We'll see...........

SNOW SNOW SNOW - that about sums up past couple weeks. It was high of single digits for quite awhile but finally one day we bundled up and enjoyed some snow time.

Micah had few days off around Christmas/New Years so he finally got our bathroom tiling done. Yeah! Now we can enjoy it for a few months. We are listing our house in March so we will see what happens!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As many of you experienced and probably the rest of you heard that midwest had quite the snow storm last week. It's been so bitter cold but I think next few days should be warming up - you know to like 20 to 30 degrees.

Yesterday I left the house at 8:30am and returned home little after 4:00 and then ran around like crazy person trying to get stuff done before leaving again at 6:30. I got home about 10:00 and remembered I needed to make food for Micah's department annual Christmas potluck. I was so so tired but plugged through. I made fruit pizza cups - it was pushing 11:30/midnight and the orange glaze needed to be cooled to drizzle over and then I was done so this was Micah's idea to help speed along the worked! Thanks honey!

Micah plowed this path for Ellie to use. The other day she tried to jump it and poor thing just sunk - it was actually pretty funny and she hasn't tried again since.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random Fall Fun

Some random fall pictures. I can harldy believe we are on the count down to Christmas already - how does that happen!!!! I am 14 weeks and finally feeling better. Starting to get in the pudgy stage - I don't look pregnant just like I've gained weight - I hate this stage. I don't know about anyone else but good grief the 3rd time around I sure feel like I'm bumping out a lot quicker!

We found Ethan like this one night when we went to bed. We have no idea how long he was up before he fell asleep - his light was on and fast asleep in the bean bag. Micah and I were cracking up taking pics and video and he never flinched. I've found him asleep on the floor at nap time several times since with books on top of him.

This was game day, K-State against Nebraska - Micah kept saying need to get kids k-state shirts but I just never got it done so finally did and had surprised him for game day. Didn't help, K-State lost. Oh well, they looked cute in their purple pride! :)

We went to Kansas for Thanksgiving. We went to Hesston to my grandparents and weather was really nice so we walked around aboretum across the street from their house. Grandparents with great grandkids.

Ethan was stuck to my grandpa the whole time - wanted to hold his hand and kept him going. My grandpa was a trooper but he told me several times he doesn't know how I do it (have i mentioned how busy this little boy is) and that he was going to sleep very well that night.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 little Beachy's.......

Baby Beachy Due June 5th!!!

(I know, the sign didn't show up to well - it says, "You've got to be kidding me, another one!!!" from Ellie) :)