Monday, April 19, 2010



About 2 weeks ago we had an offer on the house and after going back and forth came to an agreement. For whatever reason I haven't wanted to relax yet about it until inspection was all done and we knew we were good to go. Inspection was finished this weekend and there are some very minimal fixes but otherwise should be good to go. I'll spare all the details but the buyer is a single lady and she has been CRAZY in her requests - she is wanting every guarantee that nothing is ever going to go wrong - it's almost gotten to the point that I want to talk to her and say "Are you really ready to own a home? You need to be realistic lady!" I want to sell the house so I guess I'll let her figure it out!

So, time line goes as follows:

Baby Due: June 5th
Current house close: June 11th
New house close: somewhere between June 1-11th

Should be interesting..............thank goodness my parents are planning on coming to help and stay for hopefully a week and can help with all the transitions. I've already warned Micah he could be having to deal with a very exhausted and emotional crazy wife for a few weeks in June! It will all work out I keep telling myself!


The Pedersen Posse said...

CONGRATS! What a relief. I hope all the transitions go smoothly. Sounds like it'll be a chaotic June for the Beachys.

Jenny said...

Congrats! That is exciting! We are still waiting... how long did it take to sell yours then? Ours has been on the market about five weeks now I think. Sounds like you've got a crazy June up ahead! :)